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Femi Atoyebi & Co

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We are correspondent Solicitors to leading law firms in shipping in the United Kingdom, several European countries, the United States, Canada and the Asian continent. Femi Atoyebi & Co. office operations extend to Port Harcourt, Warri and any part of African continents where there are sea ports. Locally, the firm has acted and still acts for several vessel owners, managers and/or operators and are regularly consulted by the Association of Nigerian Ship Owners and Banks in the preparation and perfection of Ship Mortgages, Purchases, Registration, etc.

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Femi Atoyebi & Co is a Law Firm specializing in Maritime Law practice, with which the name has become synonymous since 1987 in Nigeria. Prior to this Mr. Femi Atoyebi (SAN) has specialized in shipping law since 1984. The firm was established in March 1987 and our fields of practice include but are not limited to arrest and release of

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ocean-going vessels of all sizes, ownership dispute, Bills of Lading and Charter Parties, ship purchase and finance, mortgage of vessels, pollution, salvage operations, collisions, etc.